Agriculture is the science and art of livestock & cultivating plants. TheAgricultural products can be grouped into food, vegetables, fuel, oil, fibre, fruits,Meat, milk, fungi, raw material like (cotton & silk), eggs, etc. 33 per cent of the worldpopulation is employed in the agriculture industry. Agriculture industry portion isDecreasing day by day in many developed countries. This industry is popular in developing countries and undeveloped countries.

Agriculture in AfricaToday we will be talking about the impact of COVID-19 on the economy of African countries andIts agriculture industry. It is the main industry in some African countries. It covers around 23 per cent of the continent’s GDP & 60 per cent of Africa population employed in this industry. Africa continent exports $ 40 billion worth of Agricultural product every year. But before COVID-19, Africa also faced many Crises. Like Locust infestation in east Africa from 2018, low rainfall in Zimbabwe and northern Mozambique in 2019, flooding in east Africa in 2020, food Security crisis is still ongoing. Africa mostly exports crops, cocoa and Coffee.
Nominal GDP in2019 of Africa continent is $ 668.601 billion ($1708 per capita). Nigeria,South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, these four countries cover 50 per cent of nominal GDP. But the African economy collapsed due to COVID-19. Africa contingent projected 7 per cent growth in Gdp but failed to achieve it due to COVID-19. Several long-standing Challenges are still to be faced. Around 640 million people currently live without electricity in Africa, 210 million of which are in fragile and conflict-affected countries and more than 416 million people still live in extreme poverty. Most of African people live in rural areas. As of April 2020, report, the World Bank Approved $ 11.5 billion in lending to the Africa region for 87 operations in the fiscal year 2020. Africa’s GDP decreased in 2020 by 1.7 per cent.

Challenges in agriculture of Africa during COVID-19 pandemic
1. Youth challenge. How to work together. Food security. Climate disasters. Locust infestation
The price fluctuation is an issue. Prices of food are likely to rise due to disruptions to the agriculture supply chain. Countries that have closed their borders may need to consider opening the country up to imports of certain food products which be Supplied through local systems, and export of domestic products. The United Kingdom Prosperity Fund temporarily paused all tenders, which were invested in Africa. These are so many problems and challenges ongoing in Africa. The time after the end of covid-19 will be even more challenging to develop these countries.
Written By Vishal Vervalkar.

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