Who is responsible for the increase in Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra?

It has been more than 3 months since the lockdown started. Initially when it started no thought that it will continue for so long. Maintaining social distancing, using hand sanitizers now and then is something which we Indians are not used to. Looking at the increasing number of corona cases in Maharashtra it is very clear that this lockdown has failed.
Our government, as usual, is saying that everything is under control, people are recovering very fast etc. But if we look at the reality the situation is quite the opposite. People are not getting beds, if they get one, then ventilators are not there. In some cases, doctors are not there and the list goes on. 

If we compare India with other countries, one thing is clear that we are not doing enough COVID tests. Nearly 10,000 new cases are reported every day. We have already crossed the one million or the 10 lakh-mark. Also putting all the blame on government will not be correct because we as a citizen of this country also had a big responsibility and that was to follow this lockdown seriously. Not only in Maharashtra but in many states and cities people did not take lockdown seriously. Even after spreading awareness, doing different campaigns, people did not realize how dangerous it is. Even today after more than 3 months people have still not taken this lockdown seriously.
The main reason behind the failure of lockdown can also be ‘mismanagement.’ When lockdown 1 happened, the central government had issued all the rules and guidelines related to lockdown and accordingly the state government followed it. But as the lockdown got extended things started to change. The state government started making their own rules and regulations, later on, the local government bodies of states like ‘Municipal Corporation’ made their own rules. This became the main reason for the unrest in public. The state government made its own rules, the state government made their own and the local government bodies made their own rules, which increased the confusion in the minds of people. Small business owners, shopkeepers were the most affected people due to this lockdown. In many areas, people did not get the necessary essentials for a household. People from all part of cities started opposing the lockdown and thus created more chaos and rise in the cases of covid19.

The coming time-period is going to be more difficult as the number of cases is rising and the government is in the mood of unlocking. So, whom should we blame? The citizens for not following lockdown or the government? 
Written By Tejas Purohit.

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