Story of a Librarian.

Raju is a 40-year-old man who stays in a small village. He is a librarian and spends a lot of time in the library reading books and newspapers. He was the most eligible bachelor guy in his village. Because he loved
books. He had no interest in marriage. Every day he uses to visit the library, located in his town. He took care of the library and use to read books in his free time. Later he
came home at evening, made food for himself and after dinner read some books
and went to sleep.

Raju used to think a lot about a particular incident which happened 4 years ago in life. He used to stay with his
mother. That time his mother was very sick and use to tell him to stay at home for me. But Raju didn’t listen to her. One day Raju’s mother passed away. The doctor said to Raju “Your mother was very sick and wanted to spend more time with you.” After mother’s death, Raju used to feel very guilty and sad. One day he saw an old lady unconsciously near the library’s door. Raju lifted her and took to the doctor. After the treatment doctor said, “now she is safe. She didn’t
eat food from the last 3 days, that is why she became unconscious. Raju took that old lady to his home.
Raju told her “Don’t worry! You can stay at my home. Feel like it’s your child’s home.” The old lady replied with a smile and said thank you. Later Raju gave her food, medicine and shelter. He takes care of her as a mother. That old lady was a beggar. After one week. At night Raju’s mother came in Raju’s
dream and said to him “Raju I feel proud of you, you do not save only her life, you save my
life also. My blessing will always be with you.

Next day the old lady felt very healthy. That old lady said
to Raju “I feel so glad. If you didn’t help me at that time that
would have been last breath of me.” Then Raju asked her about her family.
The old lady said “I had one son and daughter in law. They are a newly married couple. But a few
years ago, in floods, I never got to meet her. I don’t even know if they are living or dead. Raju told her not to worry and told her she can stay in his house permanently.
After some years Raju decided to dedicate his remaining life with old age people and orphanage children. Raju resigns from librarian job and started living in an old age
home and orphanage house.

Someone has said that ” Life is not about what you achieve but it is more about what you do for others.” There are many such Raju in our society who have dedicated their life to society. Hats off to them.

Written By: Vishal Vervalkar.

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