Story of an Average Kid

Teacher: Is everyone ready with their topics? We will start the competition in a few minutes.

(Students were talking to each other about the topics they were going to speak. Every year Blossom High School use to organize competition in which students use to talk about their plans and what they want to become in life. This use to help the teachers to know more about students, their goals and even students indirectly use think about their career.)

-Scholl Bell rings-

Teacher: Okay, let us start the competition! Roll number 1, Rahul come forward.
Rahul: Respected teacher and my dear friends, I am very fond of drawing and designing is something which I love a lot. I have also built some miniature models of buildings, cars, houses etc.

(Rahul continued his topic and other students also came forward as per roll numbers.)

(Finally, Rohan’s turn came in. Rohan was an average student. He never liked studying much. His classmates never gave him much importance and were always side-lined.)

Rohan: Good morning everyone. Today I am going to talk about my goals in life. Everyone talked about their goals, some want to become Pilot, Architect, Engineer, Fashion Designer etc. My goal in life is to be an IAS officer.
Everyone started laughing. But the teacher made the students quiet.

Teacher: Why is everyone laughing? Only because he said something which you did not expect? We should rather appreciate him for the gaol he has chosen. Being an average student does not mean that you can’t achieve anything in life. Marks are only for evaluating your knowledge. If you see today many of the IAS, IPS officers were not that good in their school days, but they worked hard and achieved their goal. You should never underestimate anyone in life. Many time it happens that people who are underestimated achieve a lot of things than others.
There are many such Rohan in our society, the only thing is to not criticize or judge them based on the current situation. Rather let us motivate them.

Written By: Tejas Purohit.

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