Will Ott take over Bollywood Industry?

In the past few years, Ott industry has rapidly grown especially in India. A few years back, there were only a handful of Ott platforms which were struggling for its existence and expansion but today things are completely changed. Today there are numerous Ott platforms established by Indian companies along with foreign companies.

Binge-watching has become very popular due to its high-quality content. Back then people use to spend weekends going to a multiplex to watch a movie, but today people binge watch tv shows, web series on their couch. After the Covid19 and lockdown restrictions, Ott platforms got a high amount of visitors due to the closure of theatres and multiplexes. With the increasing popularity of Ott, it is a big question that will the theatre/multiplex culture shift to Ott’s binge-watching culture? If it happens then indirectly it will be a huge blow for the Bollywood industry too. Bollywood has always seen an industry which use to copy its content from Hollywood or else from the south industry. Innovative and different kind of films were not being made and even if there were a few they didn’t get much recognition. But with the Ott its not the same. Ott has given content for each kind of viewer. Nearly there is all kind of genre films, web series available on OTtt. The amount of experiment being made in Ott industry tells that Ott will be a big competitor for Bollywood in future. Many non-actors who were not seen in many Bollywood films gained huge stardom due to their work and today their popularity is as equal to a Bollywood celebrity.

Today people want something new to watch, they are bored with the same kind of films being made and if Bollywood doesn’t make new engaging content then Ott might take over Bollywood in the next few years.

Written By: Tejas Purohit

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