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In the past few days, Whatsapp made a lot of headlines due to its sudden Privacy Policy change which happened recently. Many people questioned the recent policy change and even many tech people also suggested to switch to other platforms which are more encrypted.

Recently Elon Musk tweeted to switch to Signal app. Messaging app Signal and Telegram app saw a huge demand after Whatsapp’s new privacy policy. Many people criticized the new policy by Whatsapp which will allow them to share user’s personal information which will include the phone number, IP address, contacts & more with Facebook. The signal app gained huge popularity right after Elon Musk tweeted about them. wSignal app crossed the 100,000 downloads mark across the app stores of Apple and Play Store. Even Telegram got 2.2 million downloads according to data analytics firm sensor Tower.

One thing is clear that people have now become very aware & concerned of these privacy policies. Now it will be very interesting to see the future growth of Whatsapp and how people respond to these changes.

Written by: Tejas Purohit

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