The first step of Tesla Motors in the Indian Market.

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The most popular news in 2021 is about the new richest person in the world as now Elon Musk became the richest person. Recently Elon Musk’s net worth is $ 194.8 billion. Elon Musk added $ 165 billion in his net worth since last year. Jeff Bezos is now on 2nd position in world’s richest person list. The main reason is the price value of tesla company highly increased. Some automotive companies started to produce electronic vehicles. In future electronic vehicle will be sales more as compare to petroleum vehicles. Tesla motors company is the pioneer of electronic vehicles. As per some report till 2030 mostly use electronic vehicle drive on Indian roads or highways. The market value of Tesla Motors is $ 773.5 which is more than Facebook Inc.

Recently Elon Musk visited Bengaluru, India. for registration of Tesla India Motors Co. The entry of Tesla in the Indian Market is beneficial for Tata motors. The share price of Tata Motors also increased from last year. Now Tata Motors share price touch new 52 weeks high point(252.40 rupees per share price). Recently Tata Motors and Tesla Motors were a sign MoU. That would be Tesla’s vehicles being made in India at Tata’s manufacturing facilities. Central Government of India and Karnataka state government also supported this new project. This joint venture impact on Indian automotive stock share grows by 20 per cent in NSE. Now the fortune of Elon Musk is very brighter. This project is a vision for the nation, investor and consumer. This will give benefits to high return on investment, tax revenue for the government, the consumer can afford the electronic vehicles. This project also builds a strong relationship between India and the United States of America. We will see a new nation with new innovative vehicles in future.

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