Ocean Trip!

There was a Japanese boy who used to live in Tokyo and belonged to a poor family. He used to stay with his parents. He was the single child of his parents & who use care a lot for him. He was afraid of water. But he had an interest in seeing the ocean, fish and water animal. He heard about scuba diving. But his family couldn’t afford to pay for that. `The friend belongs to a rich family. He knows that his friend wishes and he wants to fulfil the wish.

His friend wants to know how can swim in the water. His friend is a very good swimmer. One day his friend suggested he come with me and see me swimming. But the boy has dought come in mind. He saw his so many times his friends to swim. But finally, his friend takes him away to the swimming pool. His friend suggests he please wear a swimming costume. He asked why. Friend answers him I don’t want to wet your clothes. He says fine. His friend started swimming and he sits on the poolside.

Suddenly, his friend pushed him into the pool. He tried to swim but on for a long time. His friend saved him and answer him don’t take mind I just want to know how much time you can survive in the water. He feels comfort after his friend’s answers. Both are playing while day in the swimming pool. The next day his friends plan for scuba diving. His friend already plans with his father. His parent also feels proud of him because of his intention. But on that day he git news a boy is not very well.

His friend cancels the plan. His friend waiting for vacation. Before vacation, his friend comes to his home along with his father. Both are trying to convince boy parents to your family come with us for vacation. This is a family vacation and only for 5-6 days. This is a foreign tour.

Both families go for a vacation to Australia. Boy and His friend go scuba diving. In the scuba diving boy seen so many fishes now, he feels very happy. He tries to collect information about the ocean and fishes. The boy decided to learn more information and education about the ocean in future.

Written By: Vishal Vervalkar

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