The Death of Dead Sea

The only salt lake in the world or the ‘ Dead Sea’ located in between Israel, Jordan and the West Bank is now on the verge of extinction. Located on the lowest surface of the earth at 1300 feet below sea level it one of the major tourist destination around the world.

As per the data it is now disappearing at an alarming rate of 1 yard per year and the main reason behind this is the Jordan River. This river which was the main water source was diverted to Syria, Jordan and Israel for irrigation purposes. Another main reason is due to the industry located in Jordan and Israel which use the minerals of the dead sea for making cosmetics etc. Due to this, the surrounding areas have seen a drastic change like forming sinkholes.

This unique place is visited by numerous tourists every year is in danger and if things not handled properly, science also says that it will get extinct by 2050.

Written By: Tejas Purohit

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