Amsterdam: The Venice of North!

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherland and one of the most populous European city. As per the UNESCO, it is known as Venice of the north due to a large number of canals.

Amsterdam, also known as “Venice of the North”, has 165 canals. The total length of these canals is 50km which is about 31 miles. The most prominent canals are Herengracht, Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht & Singel. There are 1281 bridges in Amsterdam. In the 13th century, Amsterdam was a small fishing village located behind a dyke that protected them from the water from the Amstel river. the city’s name derives from the Amstel dam. Because the Amstel was dammed to control flooding. Amsterdam is the most important financial city in Europe since the 17th century. In the 17th century, it became the wealthiest city in the western world. The Amsterdam stock exchange is the world’s oldest modern stock exchange.

Amsterdam located on 90 small islands. Amsterdam port is the 5th largest port in Europe. Amsterdam airport is the busiest airport in Netherland and the third busiest airport in Europe. As per demographic Amsterdam’s population continuously grow since the 1990s. Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Rembrandt House Museum, The Botanical Gardens, Oude Kerk (Old Church), etc. are the attraction points for tourist. Every year 14 million tourists visit this city. The city has many canals for controlling floods situation and the water management of Amsterdam is a very successful pattern in the world. In Amsterdam, the city has a separate path for cycling which is 400km. In Amsterdam city, more than 1 million bicycles mean every household has 2 bicycles as per the ratio. The city’s mission to become a car-free city. The city people discourage by car driving, parking fees, traffic, etc. They believe that bicycles use is helping to improve healthy life, saves extra travelling expenditures and it helps to control air pollution. Every tourist must visit this beautiful city at least once in their lifetime.

Written By: Vishal Vervalkar

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