Rovos Rail: Africa’s Luxury Train Journey

Today transportation has changed a lot. Out of many, air transport remains the most popular due to less time travel. But still, many prefer to train over aeroplane as it helps you to explore the places and is fast compared to road transport. Today we will talk about ‘Rovos Rail’ which is known as the Pride of Africa!

Rovos Rail is a privately held company in South Africa that takes you through different destinations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania with numerous routes like Pretoria to Durban, Pretoria to Victoria Falls, Cape Town to Dar Es Salaam, Pretoria to Walvis Bay, and Tanzania to Lobito etc. The journey lasts from 48 hours to 15 days or more. It is hauled by diesel or electric locomotives which carry 72 passengers in 36 class apart suites. The company was established by Rohan Vos in 1989 and is run by their next generation. Rovos offers three types of accommodations onboard, the Pullman which is the smallest, and the Royal Suite. Each cabin has a shower, sink and toilet facility.

Image by Greg Beadle

The ticket includes a luxury suite of your choice, services of a butler, all gourmet meals and snacks. wines and spirits and all off-train excursions and tours. Rovos has more than 20 carriages. Rovos rail costs $1,504 per person for a four day in Pullman suite from Pretoria to Victoria Falls.

Written By: Tejas Purohit

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