Jeju Island: Paradise of South Korea!

Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea. It covers 1883 Square kilometres. In 2020, the population of Jeju Island was 6,70,000. It is not just an island it’s a city. Because Jeju Island is the only self-governing province in South Korea. Jeju City is the capital of Jeju province. Hallasan is the highest point of Jeju Island located in the centre of the city. The Hallasan mountain stands 1950 meters above the sea. Chinese and Korean ethnicity people are the native of this island & Jeju language is widely spoken. Nearly. 2 million years ago Jeju Island formed through eruption of underwater volcano activity. Jeju Island and the lava tube is the UNESCO world heritage site of South Korea.

The lava tube is an attractive point. Seongsan Ilchulbong is known as the sunrise peak. It is a tuff cone formed by hydrovolcanic activity. It is situated on the eastern seaboard of Jeju Island. Jeju island’s 12% area ( 224 Square kilometres) covers forest area as Gotjawal forest. Jeju is known as jejuda. Jeju has so many historical names also like Juho, doi, tamna, tanga, tammora, seomna, etc. The tourism sector or industry is the main factor for the Jeju economy. It is known as South Korea’s Hawaii. Jeju city has Jeju international airport for tourism. This airport connects other Korean, Japanese and Chinese cities like Busan, Seol, Tokyo, Beijing, etc. Jeju city has an international stadium for sports. In 2002 Jeju international stadium hosted a FIFA world cup matches. Jeju city has an international radio station, 5 newspaper in the local language and 1 English language newspaper distributed in the city and is a daily news website is available sources as news media for people. Jeju Island is not just an island. It is an awesome city in South Korea. It has its own identity in the East Asia region.

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