India’s FMCG Sectors

FMCG means ‘Fastly Moving Consumer Goods’ or also called ‘Consumer Package Goods.’ These products cost are very low as their production volume is in Millions of Units. FMCG products are non-durable. Examples are health care products, personal care products, processed food, cosmetics, toiletries, beverages, etc. FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy. Let’s see some reports of FMCG sectors

Top 10 Indian Companies in FMCG sectors as per April 2021

1 Hindustan Unilever Ltd
2 ITC Ltd
3 Nestle India Ltd
4 Britannia Industries Ltd
5 Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
6 Patanjali Ayurved Limited
7 Dabur India Ltd
8 Marico Ltd
9 Varun Beverages Ltd
10 GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd

FMCG sector market size in India

Year – billion US dollar
FY 2011- 31.6
FY 2012 – 33.3
FY 2013 – 35.7
FY 2014 – 38.8
FY 2015 – 43.1
FY 2016 – 49
FY 2017 – 52.8
FY 2018 – 68.4
FY 2019 – 83.3
FY 2020 – 110

Latest News & Facts of the FMCG industry-

FMCG industry record 9.4% growth in Jan-March, rural continue to perform and metro cities recover in Indian FMCG industry. IFFCO Kisan sold 1 lakh ton of cattle feeds value at Rupees 160 crore (US$ 21.78 million) in FY 2020-2021. Ayurveda Sri Sri Tattva and Big Basket collaborated to champion health by Ayurveda. It will be beneficial for both companies.
As per the analysis of KPMthe Indian processed food market is expected to reach US$ 470 billion by 2025, recently the market is US$ 26the 3 billion in 2020, India’s processed food products export to others countries. It shows the growth of 26.51% during April 2020 – February 2021,


We have seen what’s is FMCG and its products including leading players or companies in the FMCG sectors. We have seen the growth of FMCG sectors by market size. We have seen news and facts about FMCG products. FMCG sectors categories by demographic segment 60 per cent portion cover by urban area and remain 40 per cent cover by rural area. Three main segments of FMCG sectors 19 per cent in foods and beverages, 31 per cent in health care and 50 per cent in household and personal care. We have seen growth in demand for FMCG products in rural area year on year. Since 2000 18 Billion dollars FDI inflows in the Indian FMCG sector. We can see growth market value of FMCG companies, an increase in demand for FMCG products, increase in FDI investment, increase in employment for the production and distribution of FMCG products, growth in the processed food market, etc

These all factors are beneficial for consumer, companies, the economy and our country. FMCG sector growth year by year because India’s purchasing power slowly increase year by year.


Written By: Vishal Vervalkar

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