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If you are a wildlife adventure lover and stay in India, then you must visit Bhutan at least once a time in your life. Travelling in Bhutan is not that costly compared to other countries. Bhutan is a landlocked county located on the Himalayan mountain range. It is a neighbour country of India. Bhutan is a very rich country, for wildlife & culture. Bhutan covers around 38,394 square kilometres of area. Thimphu is the largest city & capital of Bhutan. The population is below 1 million. More than 70 per cent of Bhutanese follows Vajrayana Buddhism religion and 22 per cent of Bhutanese follow Hinduism. Bhutan’s economy is based, on agriculture & tourism and mainly promotes tourism. For Indians, the visa charge is Rs 1200 per day. The cost range of the weekly tour is a minimum of 35,000 rupees and maximum as the traveller’s accommodation requirement. October to December is the best time to visit Bhutan because the air is clean and fresh with a beautiful sunny atmosphere. One should also visit the national museum of Bhutan which costs only 50 rupees. Indian currency is accepted in Bhutan, excluding a note of 2000 rupees.

Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Manas National park, Trongsa, wangdue phodrang, Jakar and trashigang are some of the popular tourist points in Bhutan. Gankhar plenum is the highest point of Bhutan which is 24,840 feet. Bhutan constitution obligations on people for protecting the environment. More than 60 per cent of Bhutan land covers the forest area. It is the only country in the world that has banned tobacco. Bhutan forest plants generate liquid oxygen, Which nowadays helps in the covid19 pandemic situation. The relation between Bhutan and India is traditionally close. The amazing fact about Bhutan is that it does not have a military force. Indian military forces protect Bhutan borders. India and Bhutan are good neighbours countries.

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