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USA is the superpower County in the world, let’s look at some amazing facts about it. We all know the living cost in USA is very high and health care expenses are also very costly as compared to other countries. Even the cost of living, education fees and health care are very expensive. It means living in USA, especially in the urban areas, is costly and very difficult for the people. Let us see the data as per the below chart.

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1. Private hospitals are profit-making organizations – Hospital provides services to patients but charge price as per the quality & service which is highly expensive. The professional charges of doctors and nurses are much higher than their salaries. In, USA health care service is a business and a profit-earning source.

2. Insurance services – The health insurance policy plays an important role. In USA, 20 per cent of people have uncovered health insurance policy and the remaining people have covered health insurance policy by employers based insurance or private insurance. In, health insurance sector there are various types as per the requirements and choice of the consumer. The consumer pays high premiums for health insurance policy.

3. Administrative experience – The administrative cost is too expensive because people spend multiple time. The administrative department is much complex, separate and has a different rule of health policy. USA health systems spend 8 dollars while other developed country’s health systems spend 1 to 3 dollars.

4. Rise in price of pharmaceutical drugs – Other countries control the prices of pharmaceutical drugs partially or fully, but the medicine or drugs prices depend on the market forces. The price of pharmaceutical medicine and drug is also increasing year by year.

We see these major facts in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. As per the Health Care index 2021 Mid – the USA on 31st position with 69.11 points. In the pandemic entire world realised the importance of health and every country try to reduce healthcare costs and improve the health indexes.

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