Economic growth of Afghanistan in last 20 years

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When US military forces left Afghanistan in July, the Taliban tried to capture some districts of Afghanistan. Later on August 15, the Taliban captured the whole of Afghanistan. On the same day, the Afghanistan president left the country. Taliban captured the Kabul city and Afghanistan parliament. Currently, the Taliban is controlling & regulating Afghanistan country. Afghanistan’s economic growth is declining day by day. In the last study of 20 years of Afghanistan and its economic growth, we can see the GDP increasing every year. Currently, Afghanistan’s GDP is more than 70 billion USD along with an exchange rate of 20 billion USD in 2017. In 2000, Afghanistan had large debt but in 2005, Afghanistan reduced the debt. Let’s study index scores. In 2020 Afghanistan had scored is below average as compared to others country but starting a business score was 92. It is an achievement for Afghanistan country. maximum revenue earns from the service sector but maximum labour force work in the Agricultural sector. In the Agricultural sector, Afghanistan produces apples, dry fruits, grapes, wheat, melon, watermelon, potato, rice, milk, etc. It has also seen Afghanistan country participating in different categories of sports and try to build a strong relationship with neighbouring countries. Afghanistan builds trade routes with neighbouring countries. International level Asian countries want to build trade routes from the Middle East to Central Asia then Afghanistan will be the midpoint of that routes. It will be beneficial for Afghanistan. Afghanistan government will collect fees from the trade route. For tourism Afghanistan was the best country in the 1970s period. That period 20,000 visited Afghanistan annually. Nowadays tourists avoid Afghanistan due to the Taliban. Foreign investors also avoid investing in Afghanistan. Currently, negative impact on Foreign Direct investment and no one wants to invest and start a business in Afghanistan. Taliban militia attacks impact the whole country.


Written By: Vishal Vervalkar

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