The Myanmar coup story

In November 2020, the national league of democracy party won Myanmar general election by 396 seats and military’s proxy party called, “The Union Solitary and Development Party”, won only 33 seats out of 476. Myanmar Army automatically disagreed with the election result. The military denied the election result saying that there was fraud in theContinue reading “The Myanmar coup story”

Summary of Azerbaijan and Armenia war

The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia began due to the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. This scenario is similar to the Kashmir dispute (war between India and Pakistan). Azerbaijan and Armenia were the part of USSR before the dissolution of USSR. From 1988 both these countries started to fight with each other to capture the Nagorno-KarabakhContinue reading “Summary of Azerbaijan and Armenia war”

Who is responsible for the increase in Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra?

It has been more than 3 months since the lockdown started. Initially when it started no thought that it will continue for so long. Maintaining social distancing, using hand sanitizers now and then is something which we Indians are not used to. Looking at the increasing number of corona cases in Maharashtra it is veryContinue reading “Who is responsible for the increase in Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra?”