Economic growth of Afghanistan in last 20 years

When US military forces left Afghanistan in July, the Taliban tried to capture some districts of Afghanistan. Later on August 15, the Taliban captured the whole of Afghanistan. On the same day, the Afghanistan president left the country. Taliban captured the Kabul city and Afghanistan parliament. Currently, the Taliban is controlling & regulating Afghanistan country.Continue reading “Economic growth of Afghanistan in last 20 years”

Health Care System of USA

USA is the superpower County in the world, let’s look at some amazing facts about it. We all know the living cost in USA is very high and health care expenses are also very costly as compared to other countries. Even the cost of living, education fees and health care are very expensive. It meansContinue reading “Health Care System of USA”

India’s FMCG Sectors

FMCG means ‘Fastly Moving Consumer Goods’ or also called ‘Consumer Package Goods.’ These products cost are very low as their production volume is in Millions of Units. FMCG products are non-durable. Examples are health care products, personal care products, processed food, cosmetics, toiletries, beverages, etc. FMCG sector is the fourth largest sector in the IndianContinue reading “India’s FMCG Sectors”

Indian Infrastructure and its Growth

We all are the know that infrastructure is a prominent factor for the growth and development of the country. We have seen the strong durability of amazing building, bridges, roads, highways of developed countries. The infrastructure system improves the transportation, tourism, employment system of the country and also helps improve the standard of living indexContinue reading “Indian Infrastructure and its Growth”

Facts about Suez Canal

Suez canal is a manmade sea-level waterway in Egypt, which connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea. This canal divides the world’s 2 largest continents Asia & Africa. This canal’s construction began in 1859 and the canal’s construction completed in 1869. The length of the Suez canal is 193 kilometres. There are 2 pointsContinue reading “Facts about Suez Canal”