Rise of Gold price in the Indian market.

Gold producing countries:Gold is a very rare element. China, Russia, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico,Ghana, united states, etc are the major gold producing countries. Each year 3500 tonnes of gold is produced. Before 2006 south Africa was the world’s largest goldproducer. After 2006 china became the world’s largest gold producer. Top 10 gold producingContinue reading “Rise of Gold price in the Indian market.”

Impact of Floods in Assam state.

You may have heard about Assam floods, which has affected many humans and animal. Assam floods which happen every year, along with Brahmaputra rivers and its tribal region happened in past years like 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. In 2012, floods 124 peoples and 540 animals (16 rhinos) died. In 2013 floods,Continue reading “Impact of Floods in Assam state.”

Impact of Coronavirus on Aviation Industry.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many countries restricted travel, also banned international and domestic travel due to which the Travel and Tourism industry faced a lot of financial loss. Many countries whose main source of income was through tourism are facing a major economic crisis. Hotels, road transport, travel agencies and the aviation industry areContinue reading “Impact of Coronavirus on Aviation Industry.”


Agriculture is the science and art of livestock & cultivating plants. TheAgricultural products can be grouped into food, vegetables, fuel, oil, fibre, fruits,Meat, milk, fungi, raw material like (cotton & silk), eggs, etc. 33 per cent of the worldpopulation is employed in the agriculture industry. Agriculture industry portion isDecreasing day by day in many developedContinue reading “REALITY OF AFRICAN AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY IN 2020.”